Tuesday's Red Round-Up


Top row: @petitapetitblog@petitapetitblog, @elizabethhalt
2nd row: @mari_colorado, @mountainlesssky, @theangryweather
3rd row:  @theangryweather, @sandrat212, @lucyrattia
Top row: @129twigandvine, @tanglegarden, @tanglegarden
2nd row:  @129twigandvine, @mu76, @winsomehollow
3rd row:  @graydaystudio.com, @cozymemories, @orangesparrow
Top row: @rosapearsondesign, @tinyparticlesoflight, @tinyparticlesoflight
2nd row: @lisamsiebert, @carol_and_co, @fortdesign
3rd row:  @lisamsiebert, @lauraophoto, @erinhymel

A round-up of today's beautiful reds.  If you wish to join in upload your pictures to instagram with the hashtag #fallcolors2013 and check out the beauty! See you tomorrow's for some warm browns!  Also note we changed Friday to orange!

Wednesday is brown
Thursday is grey
Friday is orange

Wait until 4pm (Pacific time) to upload the next day's color to ensure for a beautiful #fallcolors2013 feed on instagram!

Jan Halvarson


Boo21's Mom said...

So much fun!

italianbark said...

I love this initiative! I've charged one pic with #fallcolors2013 :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Such bright reds ! Thanks for including my photo, Jan ! xo

Brittan said...

Wow! Such vivid color!
Love that garland... And the light shining through in the last photo. Spectacular!!!