Sunday Reading | They're Back! Domino 3.0

Have you heard what's happening with Domino Magazine? Perhaps you heard the buzzings this week, and according to an article in the NYTimes this past Thursday, the much beloved magazine now has become an ecommerce biz.  Backed by Condé Nast and a few other investors, the new format will work online and anything they feature will be for sale on their site on a drop ship basis. And it sounds like they'll be pulling bloggers in to help them do that.  As NYTimes reports:

"As for new content, in addition to the editorial Ms. Adams shoots, readers, bloggers and designers will be invited to post, Mr. Appelbaum said. “The beauty of the format is we can merchandise anything that is of interest to the reader,” he added. “We see ourselves as providing top-down editorial content and facilitating influencer content from the blogger and design communities, and ultimately being able to activate user-generated social content that also can be shoppable.” Domino licenses and products are part of the business plan going forward, he said"

It'll be interesting to see how it all works.  With Lonny Magazine's founder, Michelle Adams as the new magazine’s editor in chief; it's sure to be curated well.

As the NYTimes article mentions, "they aren't the first print publication to do something like this" but perhaps the online culture is more ready for this type of format?  So what do you think? Do you like the idea? The print version of the magazine will still exist with 4 publications per year. Is it more like a catalog now than a magazine? Click here to read the article in the NYTimes if you haven't already.

Jan Halvarson

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Tara @ Suburble said...

Okay - I LOVED Domino, and was so sad to see it bite the dust.

As for the e-commerce deal? I'm not exactly sure. Most design magazines are half-catalogue/half-lookbook already... I guess I'll have to see how the site is before I make a final decision on its awesomeness.

But I know that I'll be buying the quarterly publication. I hope it's half as good as the original!