Sneak Peek October's Real Living

styling sarah ellison photo nick scott

I'm a little late to get to the magazines this month, but thought I'd drop in with a few tear sheets I'm loving from the October issue of Real Living. I couldn't resist the punk-influenced vibe from their "loving" section which is filled with explosive colour and great ideas to amp up a room (if you're so inclined). Like covering your wall with favorite pics (above), or perhaps the drip look (below) —Drift acrylic-on-canvas artwork by Rowena Martinich).

styling sarah ellison photo nick scott
Or this colourful shopping feature (below) with a bit of graphic and colourful patterns.  (Love those white pineapple jars from OZ Design Furniture)!
styling jackie brown photo maree homer

Also love this kitchen (home of LA-based Lisa and Bjorne Larson) with its' Shaker-profile cupboards and Moroccan floor tiles.

photo martin-lof/living-inside styling-mira-froling
The retro organic feel of this copper fireplace and graphic chair in this sunken lounge room.
styling julia green photo armelle habib
And finally, this fine art photo —Matilda, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo by Leila Jeffreys casually leaning against the wall.

styling jane-frosh photo sharyn cairns
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Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness i love all of these spaces! Those walls are just fabulous! xx

Unknown said...

I always loved the idea of a whole wall of cut outs and tear sheets, but I could never commit! I am in love with that fire place and now that I've seen it in copper I think it might be perfection.


Jacynthe Smith said...

So many things to love here!

Sean Prado said...

I love these designs. I am always looking for inspiration for our remodel and I would love to incorporate some of these ideas.