Let's Have a Fall Colors Week!

Today I went for a walk and was so inspired by the fall colors.  The fog has finally lifted and wow there's some amazing colors happening here on the west coast right now!  So we asked on instagram and you agreed! Starting monday (tomorrow - Oct. 28) would be a perfect week for a fall colors week!  Hooray!  Care to join us? Here's how it'll all happen! Upload the daily color (guide below) on your instagram account, make sure they are your most beautiful fall colors, tag them #fallcolors2013 and share away!  Everyday as in seasons past I will gather your beautiful colors and do a round-up both here on the blog, our instagram and on Pinterest!  Here's the info:

Fall Color Week Guide
Monday is golden
Tuesday is red
Wednesday is brown
Thursday is grey
Friday is blue
Wait until 4pm (Pacific time) to upload the next day's color to ensure for a beautiful #fallcolors2013 feed on instagram!  Looking forward to seeing your pics!

Jan Halvarson

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