DIY Scaredy Cat Cake Toppers

Contributor post by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

Meowrrr! These scaredy cat cake toppers are simple to make and super cute, too - and they will instantly Halloween-ize your cupcakes or cake. Bake some cupcakes in orange liners, or plunk one of these cat toppers in a simple store bought cake and your Halloween party is all set in the blink of a cat's eye.

You will need:

• Craft paper in black (or dark grey), green, yellow, white and pink
• Circle craft punches in large and small sizes (or you can cut out your cat shapes with scissors)
• Small hole punch
• Gluestick
• Black fine line Sharpie marker
• Wooden BBQ sticks
• Scotch or washi tape

Step 1
Punch out holes for your cat face and cat eyes.

Step 2
Using scissors, cut out ovals for slit-like cat irises, triangles for cat ears, white bum-like shapes for the mouth and punch out little pink noses and white dots for the eyes. Cut out sharp looking white triangles for the cat's teeth, too!

Step 3
Glue your eyes together! Glue the black slit ovals onto the green and yellow circles. Glue the little white dots onto the ovals.

Step 4
Glue together and fashion the mouthpiece: Glue the sharp triangle teeth under the white bum like shape. Glue the pink dot on like a nose. Use your black fine tip marker to create whiskers. Glue the black triangle ears under the large circle.

Step 5
Glue your face together - Glue your eyes and mouthpiece onto your large black circle!

Step 6
Now keep on going and create a group of scaredy cat buddies.

Step 7
Tape your scaredy cat faces onto wooden BBQ stickers and you're all done! Plunk them into the nearest cake and suddenly you're all Halloween.

Hope you enjoyed this simple funny scaredy cat cake topper DIY! Happy Halloween!

Crafts, cakes, styling and photos by Lyndsay Sung.

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Rory said...

Halloween is coming! Beautiful idea!
Thank you!

Coco Cake Land said...

@rory, thanks so much!