9 Weekend Projects to Try

We've been socked in these past couple of weeks with our fair share of fog and the sound of fog horns every night.  I actually love this time of year, there's a quiet haze surrounding us and it's that time of year to roll up with a good book or even better, a good DIY.  Here's a few to try if you're in that mood this weekend. Links below:

1. DIY Canvas iPad Case
 by Caitlin of The Merrythought | Say Yes to Hoboken

2. Copper Trim Jewelry Dish 
by The Red Thread Blog

3. DIY Block Printed Sweatshirt 
by Fine Little Day

4. Easy DIY Pendant Lamp 
by A Beautiful Mess

5. Make a Pressed Rose Petal Tray 
by Say Yes to Hoboken

6. Fabric Yarn DIY 
by Lebenslustiger

7. Jean Tote Bag 
by 2nd Funniest Thing

8. Faux Stacked Wood Fireplace 
by Pepper Design Blog

9. DIY Clay Leaf Bowls 
by Urban Comfort

Other notable links this week:
Enter to win a yummy cookbook!
Take Your Time Loving Me, a kickstarter by Margaux Kent of Peg and Awl
On Todd Hido
A cool crochet + embroidery skills class
A terrifying pumpkin
Love these tiles
Last Call for our Holiday Market is today!
Have a great weekend!

Jan Halvarson

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####### said...

Dear Jan, thanks so much for the link-love!!! Just saw my numbers from yesterday and figured it was you... :)
There is a post today over at Hollys' about wall hangings so this is nice timing for me. I did them already back in April and ever since I wanted to do more because they are so fun to make and i already got gorgeous new colors of yarn to work with...but...too little spare time...We will move to an amazing loft apartment beginning of next year and once we settled in I will take some time off of jewelry making to work more on these kind of projects...Sorry for much text - guess I had to write it down in public to manifest this plan :) Thanks for listing - Have a wonderful autumn - love your Instagram cold project! Anette