9 Halloween-Inspired DIY Weekend Projects

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! It's that time of season for a little spookiness and we've rounded up a nice heap of ideas and DIYs to get the ideas flowing. From a black diamond pinata to some fun robot costumes, here's 9 spooky Halloween DIYs or ideas to try this weekend!

1. A Wall of Black Butterflies
Make a spooky backdrop for a Hitchcock-inspired party with these pretty black butterflies cut out with simple card stock.  Use this template or make your own and fold at various angles to create a flutter effect.  Image from Style Me Pretty.

2. Staircase of White Pumpkins 
A fun way to enter a party.  Decorate the stairs leading up to it with a selection of unique pumpkins!
Image from Interior Design Musing.

3. A Black Diamond Pinata
Who says pinatas have to be for just birthday parties? This one's to buy, but with all the pinata diys out there, it's possible to make also.  Here's a good tutorial. Image from Cloud Parade.

4. Pop Halloween Party Invitation
A fun little invite to print out by the talented Minieco. Click here for the printable.

5. No Carve Pumpkins
A fun solution to carving out pumpkins, this no carve option using chalkboard paint allowing you to change the message anytime.  From Real Simple.

6. Mini Ghost Cookies
Here's a fun idea using the tulip cookie cutter to make mini ghost cookies. Get the how-to from Make Me Cake Me!

7. Build a Robot Costume
This is a pretty neat pair of costumes for the robot set.  Get the how-to at instructables.com.

8. Paint It!
Another no carve option is painting and looks especially cute if you have that hand-lettering technique down.  Get this and more ideas from Balzer Designs.

9. DIY Halloween Ghost Cards
Check out these spooky cards that you can make rather simply by the talented Chelsea of Lovely Indeed!

If you're looking for more Halloween Ideas, DIYs and Printables, check out my post this week at Babble, where I'm offering up a heap! Have a fantastic weekend! 

Jan Halvarson


bliss-ologie said...

Could all holiday decorations be this simple and pretty? Please?

Beautiful. Love the white pumpkins.

Coco Cake Land said...

ooh i love the visual look of that swarm of black butterflies! creepy but stylish! ^__^

Christine @ Little House On The Corner said...
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Christine @ Little House On The Corner said...

I love the Halloween Party Invitation! It's so simple but really effective. The ghost cookies are just too cute for words.
We love Halloween and have just made our first decorations of the year - Halloween themed book covers! http://www.littlehouseonthecorner.com/halloween-book-covers/

Unknown said...

These are all so awesome.... but I'm totally going as one of those robots for halloween this year. FaNtAsTiCly adorable!!!

Unknown said...

I really like the simple cards at the end. We are thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year and if we do, those will be the invites.