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I had this idea for a while and finally decided to do it. It’s super easy (because that’s what I’m about) and spices up a boring mug with some simplistic, classy, fun style (because that’s also what I’m about).

I picked up these mugs at my local department store for cheepo, and the spray paint for just a few bucks, too. In 5 minutes you can can put some darn beautiful, matte-gold love in your kitchen cabinets. Yes, coffee tastes better in them.

What you’ll need:

• plain white mug or mugs
• masking or blue painters tape
• matte-finnish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint (click here for suggestion)
• clear sealer for ceramic (click here for suggestion)

Follow visual instructions.


When covering the mugs with tape make sure that the tape is pulled tight with NO ripples (unlike mine) to ensure the paint wont creep up underneath. I had to clean my line up afterwards.

Hold spray can about 13-18 inches away from mug and spray in short spurts to achieve even coverage and avoid dripping.

Spray the clear sealer in the same manner as above about 5 minutes after gold spray.

Dont let tape sit on the mug too long after spraying (no more than 8 minutes) or the paint may peel up with the tape.

Not dishwasher safe. Wash the inside by hand and lightly rinse the outside.

Make sure to spray your hands because gold paint looks awesome on your fingers days later. :)

Have fun and comment with your own results and tips!

Contributed by:

Heather Grace Green of Garland of Grace

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Jan Halvarson


ynas-design said...

That's a wonderful idea. And your thumb is looking although very nice :)

Reese Carrozzini said...

Totally fun and awesome idea for the holidays!


Anastasia said...

Lovely! Upcycling ideas are the best. I am always on the prowl for easy DIY. Thanks for sharing.

Rin Ohara said...

So amazing! Great idea!

Carla Helene' from Caheez said...

How awesome for the holidays! Thank you for this idea. I'm soooo doing this! :D

Thread Snipper said...

the link is not working (for the paint brands)

Carolina said...

So perfect. It has everything I am obsessed with: simple minimalist design, geometric shapes, white and gold, easy! lol. thanks for this. love it and can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome and such a great to make tendy mugs. I found this at the perfect time since I am planning on moving out soon. Thanks for the post.

lawren said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!
I think you forgot to insert the links for the paint brands ;)

Jan Halvarson said...

Threadsnipper- sorry about that - now fixed. Jan

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love this! How simple, yet easily dresses up a plain white mug. Would be perfect to give as holiday gifts, and you can use dollar store mugs to keep it cheap.

xo Jackie

kates new life said...

Your "click here" (s) don't work, I really need all the help I can get in choosing paint and sealers! Haha!
Can you fix please or list what you used on this project?

Monaqo said...

I just thought about a 'golden cup' for days. The perfect Accessoire to start the (mon)day. Thanks for this gorgeous post!

Allison of Thrifted said...

I love the spray your hands "tip"! Made me chuckle since I always do that with spray paint.

Unknown said...

This is so cute and easy. I would be great if you have a bunch of mismatched white mugs!


Jan Halvarson said...

Kates New Life - the links are working for me. What browser are you using?

Unknown said...

love this!

Unknown said...

Amazing! Reminds me of some other gold geometric shape mugs that were in the limelight not that long ago ;) totally doing this - thanks a million x

Dagný Björg • Dagfar said...

LOVE this DIY!

Suhita said...

These look great. One question: can I still microwave the mug when I use the pain or is that a no-no?

Coco Cake Land said...

wowee i LOVE this! fantastic DIY ... looks like i could actually do this! ^__^

Jan Halvarson said...

Suhita - that probably would be a no no. ;)

Maayan said...

Did you use the bronze finish of the rustoleum spray paint to get that gold look? I can't find it in a gold finish anywhere!

Unknown said...

I'm also wondering if you can put the mugs into a microwave oven.

theeyedeashoppe said...

How did you clean up the edges? What did you use?