Weekend Project | From Bedroom to Living Room

With all the rain we had this week, this bright coloured dresser project seems just the thing to get us back on track for the weekend! Stylist Kim van Rossenberg transforms an IKEA MALM dresser for 101 Woonideeen into a piece that you can take out of the bedroom and pop right into your living room, no problem!  The technique is fairly simple using masking tape to mask off triangles  - pick your colour palette and you're set!  Visit 101woonideeen.nl for the instructions a la dutch! Credits:  March  101 Woonidee├źn 2013 | Styling Kim van Rossenberg | Photography Fotolemaire.nl

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Now that is fun! Love it.

Unknown said...

i'd TOTALLY do that to my drawers if i had my own!

Erin @ Love, the Campbells said...

This is the coolest concept ever and seems so easy with patience! I would love to do this someday :)

Amelia said...

They use adhesive foil to get the effect but the stockist they link to don't offer the colour combinations they used. Does anyone know somewhere you could that type of product? I can't think of the appropriate search term!

Bridget Watson Payne said...

Amelia--seems like you could do something fairly similar just marking off the triangles with painters tape and then painting them the various colors you wanted.

dig this. the idea of having a dresser in the living room to store stuff is so appealing!