Sunday Reading | Weekend Almanac

Weekend Almanac is a recently launched perfect-bound almanac about all the fun, creative things people do on their days off. Curated by editor Lauren Ladoceour and creative director Ali Zeigler both of the San Francisco Bay area, Lauren told us the premise behind the magazine,

"We like to think that life happens on the weekend, and we tried to pack it all in (dinner parties, road trips down California's coast, hangover cures, DIY projects) inside our pages."

The ad-free almanac is based in San Francisco and is available to buy at their online store, as well as a growing list of shops across the U.S.

A little bit about them: Ali Zeigler is a creative director from the book and magazine world (Weldon Owen, Yoga Journal, Guitar Player), and Lauren Ladoceour is a writer and editor (7x7, San Francisco magazine, Yoga Journal, The Hunt San Francisco).

How to get it.

And here's a sneak peek:

Jan Halvarson


ne said...

Looks fantastic. The photography seems to capture that easy west coast vibe perfectly!

Unknown said...

ooh i love discovering new beautiful publications!- going to have to check it out. happy you shared! xx

Unknown said...

Wow- this is the second time I've heard of this, and it keeps looking more and more appealing. Lovely publication!

Lady Grey said...

wow this looks gorgeous!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Oh I love this! Such good inspiration .... I'll have my eyes peeled for it!