Field Trip: Framing Prints

Last year I was given a beautiful (and quite large) fine art photograph by Vancouver photographer Janis Nicolay. It has to be one of my favorite pieces of hers and I finally made a trip to our local Michael's store to get it framed.  I also took along two other favorite screen prints from Australian artist, Kate Banzai that have also been sitting around waiting to be framed.  It's been a while since I last had a piece professionally framed and so the experience was rather interesting and I thought worth sharing.

I loved their Custom Framing Visualizer where when you bring in the piece you wish to frame, the professional framer photographs it and then uploads the image to their Visualizer to show you what your piece could look like in the frame and matting you chose.  This is super helpful!  I went for a simple white on white for Janis' photograph with a wood white frame and metal white frames for the screenprints.

While waiting I couldn't help but notice everything placed so neatly in their workroom, so I snapped a few.

In case you're thinking of framing something soon, here's a bit of helpful info. I didn't realize the difference between glass qualities (so be sure to ask to see their samples) it's pretty enlightening! Also, the mouldings and mats selection is pretty insane, I couldn't believe what there was to choose from (over 500 mouldings, 480 different mat choices and 70 new moulding and 50 new mat designs). They also offer custom cut mirrors which I thought was good to know, along with extras like LED gallery lights and engraving.

Check back with me next week when I pick up my finished pictures!  Can't wait to see them!  

This post was sponsored by Michael's.  Visit for custom framing information and inspiration.  This week Michael's has a pretty amazing offer on custom framing.  See below or in-store  for details.

Jan Halvarson

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Anonymous said...

Michael's? Really? Skip the corporate big box and head to Opus Framing- a Vancouver staple. Super hands on, pick everything out yourself and support a local store.