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Kim Gordon fans will be stoked to know she has an exhibition, Design Office with Kim Gordon - since 1980 in New York running September/October .  The show at White Columns features the bassist of Sonic Youth's work collected since the early 80s.  Gordon who studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles in the late 1970s held her first solo exhibition, presented under the name ‘Design Office’ which also took place at White Columns in 1981. The current exhibition includes photographs, writings, videos, paintings, sculptures and archival materials relating to Gordon’s activities between 1980 and 2013.

I love Ben Ratliff observations writing in The New York Times:

“Being able to see and hear Ms. Gordon more clearly now, in primary roles, helps suggests a pattern. Her path has seemed continually accidental or indirect, one side-door entrance after another. As an adjunct of making art, she became a writer. As an adjunct of being a writer, she joined a band. Her work in a band, and the discipline of developing a public visual persona, may have led her toward fashion. And so on.”  Don't we all work like that in one sense or another?

Along with the exhibition, there is a publication (not available yet) along with music that the gallery is working on getting online. In the mean time, you can see an updated press release about the exhibition at White Column's website: whitecolumns.org.

All images 'courtesy of the artist and White Columns'.

Jan Halvarson

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