Dispatch from Sweden | A Nice Flat

Swedish realtor, Fantastic Frank's has the best styling for a Real Estate Company doesn't it?  I came across this studio via La maison d'Anna G's today and was totally pulled in.  I often wonder why realtors don't do something like this concept here.  Doesn't this place totally make you want to move in?  This particular studio flat is located in Stockholm, click here for the listing.

Jan Halvarson


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Absolutely LOVE this loft. LOVE!

Unknown said...

my fave corner is that with the books

J9nKidz said...

ridiculously perfect ...from floor ceiling to each additional door, and its cupboards. plus the windows ohhh how i remember the bachelorette pad days ... thank you for the break from reality through photo play poppytalk ... http://designed-opinions.com/