Affordable Art for Your Walls

Night Swimmer, Kiki and Polly

With the launch of Etsy Pages this past week, we've been collecting some pretty cool art (painters, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers) some we have even collected ourselves. Do you have any suggestions for us to add? Leave a comment. Check out a few below and the entire collection by clicking here.

Went Fishing, Pinecone Camp

Grounded on the Daily

Surrounding, DannaRay,

Picnic at Salton Sea, Pinecone Camp

Trees in Fog, Eye Poetry

California Desert Mountains, Ooh Pretty Shiny

The Sky Below, Kai Samuel Davis

The Best of Physical Education, In the Early Hours

See more of our collection on Etsy by clicking here.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Wow. I absolutely love all of these! I kept going through and saying oh, I like that one- no, this one! And by the end, concluded I wanted ALL of them. Oh, Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Love Danna Ray's prints - just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Lovely! I think affordable art should be everyone's go to. That is my mission! I joined Etsy recently and am looking forward to adding to the beautiful options!
Great post!

:P said...

Beautiful stuff, I'm amazed with the tons of interesting things that can be found on Etsy.....endless!!

:P said...

Beautiful picks!!, still amazed with the endless interest things that can be found on etsy!......including myself :P