10 Beautiful 2014 Calendars

Hooray! It's that time of year to start looking at all the beautiful new calendars popping up everywhere (one of my favorite seasons)! And 2014's collection is looking to be off to a great start!  Here is the beginning of our calendar round-up which will start trickling in this month.

1. Gem + Mineral Calendar
Twelve Unique Watercolor Illustrations by Rocket Ink Paper Goods
(Above and directly below) Also available at Leifshop.

2. Travel America 2014 Calendar
Rifle Paper Co.  Also available at Leif.

3. Herbs and Spices
Rifle Paper Co. Also available at Leif

4. Seasonal Produce Calendar 2014
by Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress, Illustrated by Karolin Schnoor
Available at Leif

5. Oversize 2014 Calendar

6. Desktop Perpetual Calendar
by 1Canoe2

7. Rob Ryan 2014 Calendar
by Rob Ryan

8. 2014 Whale Wall Calendar
by Gingiber

9. Mini Typewriter 2014 Calendar
by Blackbird Letterpress

10. Botanical Desk Calendar
By Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. 
Available also at Leif

Jan Halvarson


Sophie said...

These are SO lovely x

Unknown said...

That Rifle Paper company does it every time! I adore that America calendar. Great choices.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the Rob Ryan one! I've always admired his plates; good to know he does calendars as well.

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful roundup! Very inspirational and soo pretty. I love the gem one, the whale one, and *of course* all of the ones by Rifle Paper Co. ;)

Unknown said...

these are all so lovely! I want them all.

-Alecia likesof.us

Vintage Home said...

Swooning over the blue & white oil & vinegar from a few days ago!
and...the perpetual calendar! Crazy for the wooden box!

ynas-design said...

A wonderful collection. I fell in love with the desktop perpetual calendar...

Elizabeth England said...

Oooh, loving that Travel America calendar. Makes me want to pack a bag and hit the road.

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

These are all so beautiful! Love them all but think that the Oversize one by 1Canoe2 just might be my favourite :)

jessie said...

Sweet collection of calendars :)

My favs are number 1, 7 and 8 :)
Thanks for sharing them! Really great inspiration!

have a nice sunday!


Charlotte said...

I'm in the market for a calendar, so great post!
Love the season produce one, especially. :-)

Judy said...

The Seasonal Produce Calendar is going to have to find its way to my home. I always have a produce calendar of some kind in my kitchen between my bulletin and inspiration boards. The calendars are always a bright spot even in the throes of February!

Anonymous said...

What about Karen Adams Designs?

Esani said...

Love the botanical desk calendars. Just beautiful.

Sarah said...

These are all so beautiful, and would make great gifts!


Andrea Fer said...

Rifle Paper Co. is my favorite hands down!! I'm looking for some cute ones for my office cube! I need to keep that dreary office look away!

Andrea Fer