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1. Caio! iPhone Case | Cartolina, 2.  Print | (via Creature Comforts), 3.  Park Plants Art Print | Matthew Korbel-Bowers (via Creature Comforts), 4.  Vintage Vespa | The Other Side of the Rainbow, 5.  Bike Helmet, Atelier Ruby 2012 | Pavillon Collection, Paris, 6.  Martinique Wallpaper
Happy monday everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend! I seemed to work a heap over the weekend but hope to reap the rewards a little later in the week! One of my "to do's" was a post for Summer over at Design is Mine. She is taking a little time off in sunny California this week, so she asked me to do a color-themed post while she's away.  One of my favorite features on Design is Mine are Summer's collections series so I was inspired in that vein for this post. Summer asked me to choose from two colors, blue or mint green and I jumped at the mint green because it just happens to be one of my favorite colors right now.  Especially retro-mint! So check out my post there today by clicking here!

Jan Halvarson


Summer Allen said...

Thanks for helping me out, sweet lady! Xoxoxo.

Sims Wishes said...

Luv this colour!

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ursula said...

Cartolina case is the cutest! I have 2 cartolina apps on my phone. They have the best designs ;) said...

such a great selection of mint - love this colour so much! - julia