8 Pretty DIYs to Try

Pinks and blues, things for the home, jewelry and tape, here's 8 pretty DIYs to try for the upcoming long weekend! Check them out below. Hoorah!

1. Ombre Journals
Make these gelato-color-inspired journals in ombre style by Damask Love. Get the how-to here!

2. DIY Washi Tape!
Make your own washi tape in this quick and easy tutorial. From Craft a Doodle Doo.

3. Watercolor Paper
How to make a watercolor paper background for your next project or download as a digital version. Get the how-to here.

4. Tie Back Dress
Make more room with a tie back option in this cute tutorial from Skunkgirl. Click here for the instructions.

5. DIY Sharpie Crockery tutorial
Inspiration from She's called Claire. Click here for more info.

6. DIY Triangle Prism Necklace
A pretty weekend project to make as a gift or give to yourself! From The Merrythought.

7. DIY Gold Animal Bookends
A fun set of bookends made using bricks and a little bit of paint. Check out the how-to here.

8. Washi Taped Phone Chargers
You've seen them around, yes? Well here's another fun set of washi taped phone chargers. Click here for this version.

Jan Halvarson


Nash Khan said...

Thankyou for featuring! :)

meenal bishnoi said...

Love those chargers..need to cover mine up too!! xx meenal

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love the washi taped phone charger.
Cheers, FrauSchmitt

Emily said...

Great ideas!!! I love the ombre notebooks, tape tutorial, and the watercolor background. It makes me want to get my water colors out again.


Vintage Home said...

those book end and the wasabi tape idea are now on my to do list!
Thanks for the links!
Appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Love the animal book-ends! So cute & inexpensive!

Nicole said...

Thanks for including my watercolor paper tutorial and download in this gorgeous roundup! I'm honored to be in such inspiring company.