11 Super Cool Things to Make!

From super cute printables to super yummy treats, check out the amazing list below.

1. Paint a Shade

Using acrylic paint diluted in water, a soft gradual hue of mint is painted on this IKEA VĂ„TE series. Get the how to here.

By Ilaria Chiaratti IDA for Health Beauty Life

2. Make a Photo Clock
Make your own clock from any photo! Get the instructions here.

A Beautiful Mess

3. YUM! Raspberry & Chocolate Ripple Semifreddo
Semifreddo, a non churned ice cream recipe (which means it never gets hard - and you don't need an ice cream maker) is the base of this amazing dessert.  Get the recipe here.

Bakers Royale
4.  Wood and Diamond Lighting
Make this amazing pendant light using wooden balls, a diamond lightbulb and a potato masher?  Get the how-to here.

Gretchen Gretchen

5. Rose Petal & Cardamon Kulfi
A traditional Indian ice cream recipe which doesn't use any eggs, featuring the flavor of rose petal and dipped in cardamon crumbs. Get the recipe here.

6. Print and Use
An adorable free set of recipe cards to use or fill out and give away as a gift. Get the printables here.

Design Eat Repeat

7.  Pink Flamingo Invites
Love this printable invitation by Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic for Oh Happy Day. Pretty flamingoes invite you for some casual cocktails.  Click here for the link.

Amy Moss for Oh Happy Day

8. Make Your Own: Vintage Botanical Wall Decals
Remember those free downloadable botanical prints I found earlier this summer (check out the post here)? Well perhaps you'd like to use the same files to make your own wall decals? Get the how-to here.

The Horticult

9.  Edge Some Stationery
Customize stationery by edging cards and envelope flaps with sharpies. Get the instructions here.

Martha Stewart

10. Make Some Flower Pom Poms
Not just another pom pom, this tutorial on a flower version makes for a super cool experience! Get the how-to here!

Mr. Printables

11. Get the Zinc Look
Refinish an old piece of furniture with this faux zinc technique. Click here for the instructions.

Painted Furniture Ideas

So there you go! Heaps of cool things to make! Happy Wednesday!

Jan Halvarson


Svenja said...

This is such a cool post. I love all the DIYs!
Have a nice day, Svenja

Kreetta said...

Thank you for sharing my DIY, Jan!

Anonymous said...

These are all brilliant! Particularly love the photo clocks and lampshade! :) x


Anonymous said...

Love those printable recipe cards! Such a great addition to a wedding shower or hostess gift!

Lady Grey said...

I really love the edged envelopes! So quick and simple.

Ilaria Chiaratti Bonomi said...

So happy to see here my lamp! Thanks for sharing ;-)


Unknown said...

I want to try them all! Thank you for a great post!

Love from Sweden /Pysselbolaget.se

Mr Printables said...

Great post! Thanks for including my pompoms ^ ^

Jan Halvarson said...

Svenja - cool to see you here! and thanks!
Kretta - thanks for making such a beautiful DIY!
Tony - i know so fun!
Amy - great idea!
Lady Grey, I know it's one of those, we wished we thought up ourselves
Ilaria - thanks for stopping by - love that idea!
Karin, me too!
Mr. Printables - they are so awesome!

Amy said...

Oh I love all of these! Especially the invites and the wall decals! And hey, I'm not going to say no to that semifreddo either ;)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the flower pom poms. I'm currently making pom pom bunting and these look too amazing not to try.


tao of badass said...

Thank you for sharing my DIY, Jan!