10 Summery Weekend Projects!

Happy August! Did I sense  a bit of fall air tonight? I hope not (maybe it's just a little cool breeze)?  I'm thinking we still have two more months for outdoor time - and so with that - this week's installation of amazing weekend projects from around the interwebs.  These one's with a summery twist.

1.  Tabletop Cactus Garden
by Inspired by Charm
I would welcome this little garden on my tabletop anytime! A cute little project bringing summer inside! Click here for the how-to!

2. {DIY} Nautical Knot Bracelet
by Fraise and Basilic
A cute bracelet idea using nautical knots.  Pull out the french translator for this one and click here for the instructions.

3.  DIY Leather Bracelets
by Elsass
A simple idea using old belts and silver charms by Elsass.  Get the how-to by clicking here.

4. DIY Skateboard Deck Swing
by For the Love of
A cute little project using an old skateboard deck and some rope.  Click here for the instructions.

5. Dab to Drab Folding Chairs
by Whipperberry
Love these chair makeovers using different types of fabric for each.  So sweet! Click here for the instructions.

6.Easy DIY: Lined Wicker Summer Market Tote
by Holly Marder for decor8
Sew a liner inside a cute market bag.  Get the how-to here!

7. DIY Vinyl Sunglasses Case
by Henry Happened
A cute clear vase case for your summer sunnies! Get the how by clicking here.

8. DIY Leather Tassel Ring
by Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed
Did I say how much I love metallic leather right now and tassels too?  (Well now you know)!  And this is such a cute way to use it.  Leather tassels for us all!  Click here for the how-to!

9. Threaded Chairs
by Feliz

This isn't a DIY but you can buy these gorgeous threaded chairs from Feliz. A little inspiration.

10. DIY Batik Dye Wall Hanging
by Kelli Murray
A beautiful project batik style.  Click here for the tutorial.

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Happy weekend!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I would do any of those DIY's, great finds, thanks heaps!

Rachael // Paraders said...

Really cool DIY finds for the summer! These would be useful for summer activities. The make-over chairs would be cute for graduation parties or any other get together. The vinyl lining totes are a perfect summer bag, too. Thanks for this post!


A Cup of Sparkle said...

Those are lovely projects. I will have to try some...


Eveline said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I love the chair by Feliz and will be making some tassel keyrings for sure.

Renee said...

I love the folding chairs...I never thought about reupholstering and painting that type of chair. So cute!

Jan Halvarson said...

So glad you guys are enjoying all thse - i love the chairs too - so fun!

Kayli Schattner said...

I love the wall hanging! It looks so cute and seems like a great, inexpensive project!

houba said...

Batik is really beautiful, I'll try something similar.

Unknown said...

The neon Nautical Knot Bracelet is simply gorgeous! It really reminds me of my childhood on the west coast :D

Four Flights said...

Thanks for featuring my swing!