Summer Tunes + Art | Austra + Lisa Golightly

Jumping in here a little late today with our weekly summer tunes and art post. But as they say, better late than never! Today we've got a pretty electro pop song by Toronto's Austra, from their new sophomore album titled Olympia - Austra. My first thought was Kate Bush when I first heard this, and apparantly they have also been compared to Bjork. Whatever the case, it's a pretty snappy tune and has found it's place here for our summer tunes set. I've paired it with a piece by Lisa Golightly (Kiki and Polly), called You First; a summery theme for a summery song. Click here for more info on Austra and here for more info on Lisa Golightly's art.  Happy Friday everyone!

Listen to an interview with Austra on the Q today by clicking here.

Jan Halvarson

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