Happy Fourth + New Poster from Debbie Carlos

Fireworks and smoke on a hot summers night. A fitting poster for today and a new listing from Debbie Carlos.  Carlos who mentions in her bio that she always loved the Eames mantra of “Create the best for the most for the least.”And these posters are proof of following that idea creating affordable prints reappropriating her use of plotters in art school for fine art printing now; a printing method usually reserved for architectural drawings.  This process allows her to produce pieces that are affordable, yet stunning. Her latest, Hanabi Poster exudes hope and freedom.  Happy Fourth!

Jan Halvarson


alicia said...

That's a pretty great poster!

Pinecone Camp said...

This is beautiful. Great to see something different out there!

Malia said...

Thanks for introducing me to her posters. They're great!