Handmade in the USA | 8 Beautiful Shops

Today we're celebrating our neighbors (it is the Fourth after all) and featuring a few beautiful handmade things from the USA. From beautiful leathergoods to fun beach toys, here's a few quality makers based out of the U.S.

1. Wenning & Co.

Starting with these stunning leathergoods from Wenning and Co. because first off, I love the color and secondly, the minimalist look of them. Aren't they gorgeous? Each of Wenning & Co.'s products is crafted by hand using natural vegetable tanned leather and stitched with wax nylon thread. They are based in Roanoke, IN, United States

Visit them online:
Site: wenningandco.com
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/WenningAndCo
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/wenning-and-co

2. fruitsuper design

fruitsuper design is a Seattle-based studio that is one-part design consultancy, one-part product development, and three parts "serious-fun." We love their summer-themed products featuring a roll-up double-sided (and water resistent) picnic blanket, super fun silicone (stretch to fit) rings and a fresh take on a Scandinavian outdoor lawn game, King's Game.

Visit fruitsuper design online;
Site: fruitsuperdesign.com
Shop: fruitsuperdesign.3dcartstores.com/
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/fruitsuper-design

3. Hettle

Inspired by summer's muted beach colors and sunsets, Hettle's hand dyed linen cushions, and gauzy scarves are interpreted through the colors created with fiber reactive dyes, water based paints and screens. Hettle is loacted in New Haven, CT.

See more of Hettle online:
Site: hettletextile.com
Shop: etsy.com/shop/Hettle
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/hettle/

4. Fail Jewelry

Each piece of Fail Jewelry's collection is delicately handcrafted in sterling silver and 14K gold-fill in Christine Fail's Austin, Texas studio. Christine employs classic metalsmithing techniques such as hand forging to form and shape delicate wire. Forging gives wire strength, resiliency, and a soft organic texture that allows the hand of the artist to be present in each piece. Fail jewelry is intentionally lightweight, fluid, and wearable.

Visit Fail Jewelry online:
Site: failjewelry.com/products
Shop: failjewelry.com/products
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/fail-jewelry/

5. Jill Bent

Jill Bent designs and sews beautiful bags, pillows and scarves from her studio in Cambridge, MA. She uses vintage and all natural materials in her work creating a traditional, yet modern vibe.

See more of Jill Bent's work online:
Site:  jillbent.com
Shop: .etsy.com/shop/jillbent
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/jill-bent/

6. Madeline Trait

Madeline Trait is purveyor of good design. Her company is a multi disciplinary design studio involved in design projects such as interior design, event design, illustration and product design. The Shoppe is a store where she has created unique products to decorate your life celebrations that are inspired by nature and flowers. Based in San Francisco.

Visit Madeline online:

Site: madelinetrait.com
Shop: madelinetrait.com/caketoppers/
Poppytalk: marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/the-shoppe-by-madeline-trait/

7. Sunday Blossoms

Sunday Blossoms is a place for nostalgic romantics. We love her classic book decorated covers, floral-inspired pillows and beautifully scented soy candles. Sunday Blossoms is located in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Visit Sunday Blossoms online:
Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sundayblossoms
Poppytalk: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sundayblossoms

8. Blackbird Letterpress

Blackbird Letterpress is one of our favorite letterpresses out of the U.S.  Kathryn Hunter makes unique and adorable stationery, animal cards, handmade notebooks, and other ephemera.  Based in Baton Rouge, Louisianna. 

Find Blackbird Letterpress online:

Site: http://www.blackbirdletterpress.com/
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/blackbirdletterpress?ref=top_trail
Poppytalk: http://marketplace.poppytalk.com/author/blackbird-letterpress/

All of the shops mentioned here are participating in Poppytalk Handmade this month.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

How much do I love that letterpress squirrel!

Anonymous said...

so cool! i love madeline trait's designs so much!
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Wonderful creativity and a reminder of just a few glimpses of what's "still" being made in the USA!


Becca said...

Wow, so many pretty things! I'm particularly swooning over all the cutout designs by Madeline Trait. That cake topper is too gorgeous!

Ladyface Blog

Unknown said...

Such a great selection and variety of beautiful shops! Too many cute things :)

Christine Fail said...

So honored to be included. I think I now need a ship for a cake! I will make up an occasion. Madeline's pieces are fantastic!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful list of artisans and their products! Definitely inspiring and worth a visit!

p.s. I'm Having A Super Giveaway - Art Print and Jewelry up for Grabs!

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Unknown said...

Aww thanks so much for the 4th of July love~

david scheirer said...

Awesome, love the camping trailer!

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