Camp News from the Reluctant Letter Writer

Have a kid at camp this summer? I love this cute little idea from Cristina from Little Auggie. She writes: 

Overnight camp is an Ontario summer tradition. Every year I create a fill in the blank camp survey to get news out of my camper beyond very brief notes home. My daughter loves filling it in; I love receiving it. Feel free to pass along to your campers.

Thanks for sharing Cristina!  (Click here for her larger version that you can print).

Jan Halvarson


J9nKidz said...

i think this is a clever idea! my young teen is off discovering new york city with her father for first time & a bit home sick! i wish i hadve seen this type of idea before they left--i wouldve sent something down for her in advance to the bed and breakfast!! thanks for the great idea & inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

esta genial la idea! para los chicos que cuentan poco y nada, se les hace mas fácil escribir.

Alex said...

How fun!