8 Super-Fun Weekend Projects!

We've been having an incredible couple of weeks of summer weather here (I think we're on day 29 of sun?) –perfect for a few messy DIYs to make outdoors I say! And I just happened to have found like 8 more for you this week!  Many pink (for some reason too)!  And to be sure all super-fun! Check them out below!

1. Giant Paper Peony Pinatas
Amazing and beautiful at the same time, but who, who could bash into this giant peony pinatas? Um not me I'm afraid, but I certainly would love to hang it!  Get the info from Corner Blog here!

2. Handmade Envelopes
How beautiful are these papers made into envelopes? Love them all.  Get a template and details at A Fabulous Fete Blog.

3. Homemade Pop Tarts
What could be better than pop tarts? Homemade pop tarts I say. Especially with pink icing and heaps of sprinkles!  Get the recipe at Everything is Poetry.

4. Mini 3D Diamond Garlands
How amazing are these? (Photo from Ruffled blog - Event Planning and Styling: Nicole Rene Events / Photographer: Izzy Hudgins Photography / Decor, Styling, and Handmade Details: French Knot Studios - sorry no instructions) but minieco.co.uk has some similar templates to make if you wish o check them out. Click here for her list of tutorials.

5. Door Entry Bench
A fun DIY transformation: a reclaimed door is the base for this entry bench. Get the how-to from The Friendly Home.

6. Stamping with Rubber Bands
A fun little project for kids and adults-alike! Make a fun stamp using different sizes of elastic bands.
Get the how-to from A Subtle Revelry.

7.  DIY Kraft Paper Grocery List Roll
A cute way to keep your grocery list.  Make a roll hanger using rope.  From At Home in Love.

8. Make a Hammock
Transform a bolt of muslin into a pretty hammock to enjoy the lazy days of summer in.  From Camille Styles.

Happy Friday! Leave a comment if you have a fun DIY you made recently! We'd love to see!

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Jan Halvarson


meerkat said...

what a fantastic collection of fun projects. i can imagine trying out a few especially the peony flowers


Becca said...

So much good stuff. Those paper peony pinatas are mind blowing! I've done coffee filter peonies before, but these take it to a whole other level.

Ladyface Blog

Ana de la Serna said...

Love them all!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Becca - i know right?

Savage Seeds said...

Loving the door upcycle! Great ideas.. Thanks so much!

Aileen@AtHomeinLove said...

Thank you for including my kraft paper grocery list! Love your blog, and all these fun projects. Those giant paper peonies are stunning.

Anonymous said...

I love the kraft paper grocery list!

A few weeks ago I put together a little succulent garden in a basket: http://thehomesteady.typepad.com/my-blog/2013/07/diy-succulent-garden-in-a-basket.html

Katie said...

Great roundup! Been wanting to do a paper flower for a while now ... might have to try this one! Thanks! :)

Valerie said...

Love these DIYs, especially the peony pinata. And I agree, I think it's too beautiful to bash! Gorgeous paper used for the envelopes as well.

Jen said...

Wow. What great projects! I especially can't wait to try the homemade Pop Tarts! My kids are obsessed with the grossest of the gross processed foods, and try as I might to get them off the junk, it's tough. Pop Tarts especially so!

Recently my little one was crying that he wanted a Hot Pocket. A Hot Pocket! I don't even know how he knew those existed. I haven't eaten one since high school. Yuck. Anyway, a grilled tortilla wrap with pepperoni, sun-dried tomato pesto, and mozzarella was delicious and totally passed as a homemade hot pocket.

I wonder if I could make a bunch of the Pop Tarts in advance and freeze them?

jessie said...

felt in love with the cookies instantly!

and i've also started with selfmade envelopes during last week but haven't shared them on my blog already (so it is interesting so see how others create them).