Weekend Project | Download a Masterpiece

I love this little project I found the other day from Ideas Magazine (out of S. Africa).  The Rijksmuseum, the world's leading museum of Dutch Golden Age masterpieces has a cool website where you can, (and they allow you to and encourage you to), download works from its collection to make them your own.  In the images shown here, Flow Magazine's design team produced  some gorgeous adaptations from their downloads from the Rijksstudio site and then Idea Magazine used their paper for this creative project.  From wallpaper, ottomans, pillows and more, the options really could be endless. Choose artworks and download your own pieces and adapt them using these as inspiration. I picked up my digital copy of Ideas Magazine through Zinio.com. Photo Ed O'Riley.

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And not to forget! Join us next week for Summer Colors Week! For more info, click here!

Jan Halvarson


Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing this. I will be on this site all weekend downloading art! I was just thinking that I am having trouble finding affordable art and am tired of hanging up my own stuff, like I'm trying to make the gallery of Vanessa. Thanks again!


Ana de la Serna said...

Thanks for sharing this!! What a great discovery!!

Cheers from Spain

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this, Jan!!

Alex said...

Fun find, thanks for the link!

Milly said...

This is such a neat site! I've always wanted to take a closer look at amazing works of art to learn more about it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love the wall! How can I create this collage layered wall treatment with my own photos and cutouts to get a wallpaper effect?

Unknown said...

I love this wall treatment! How can I create this layered collage effect using my own photos and cutouts to get a wallpaper feel?