Book Review | The Set Table

The Set Table, The Art of Small Gatherings by Hannah Shuckburgh. I love tableware, don't you? From cutlery to crockery, it's always been almost a fault of mine to collect. So when I heard about this book recently I had to take a look.  Hannah Shuckburgh includes some interesting background and information on everything table related from the types of different plates to flower arranging and special lighting.  The book has a down home country feel, like a visit to Grandma's house. Here's a few pics:

I like this book for a few reasons.  It's a nice reference to use when entertaining and to make things special, maybe even using your table-setting as a conversation piece when things get quiet.  I especially like the history on why dishes are made a specific way and the tips on buying linens.  A must-have book for the entertainer.  (Photography by Charlotte Bland).

The Set Table, is available through Cicada Books. 
By: Hannah Shuckburgh
ISBN: 978-1-908714-04-6
Price: £17.95 / $27.50 US
Available in the US through

Jan Halvarson


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Emily said...

This book looks lovely! The photography is perfect. I can not wait to be able to have parties in my own place and set a pretty table. Strangely enough it is my Boyfriend that is extremely detailed with table settings. When he was a pledge in his fraternity they are tested on how to set a formal table.


Unknown said...

Oh no, another beautiful coffee table book that I'm now tempted to buy!