Sunday Reading | Chatelaine Summer Living

I picked up a copy of Chatelaine Magazine's Summer Living (special edition) this weekend and it's got me in the mood for a little summertime decorating.  Like most special editions, there's a few images you'll recognize from issues past, but they've done a pretty good job of keeping it fresh and interesting, offering up designer tips, weekend project ideas and room makeovers.  I snipped a few sneak peeks to inspire a little sunday reading for yourself. Check them out below.

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Loving the patio lanterns hanging on a string in this photo (above). I picked up something similar at Home Depot recently (we're using it for our Chinatown Night Market at the moment) but I think they will be around for summers to come.

Photo: Donna Griffith

Mix and match. Pretty summery fabrics in a variety of colours complement each other really well in this vingette.

Photo: Michael Alberstat
Love these custom-made oilcloth slipcovers made to give some indoor chairs a second life as patio seating.
Photo: Angus McRitchie
Toss cushions are a fun idea for the deck, don't you think? Love them around that extra big tree stump.

This special issue features decorating advice from Chatelaine’s design panel: Emma Reddington, Samantha Pynn, Andrea Mills, Kimberley Seldon, Michael Penny,Virginie Martocq and Julia Black! I checked online if there was a digital issue (but not that I can tell), but here is a link to their subscriptions online. Yay summer!

Jan Halvarson


Igor Josifovic said...

Love all the summery imagery! Thanks for sharing, Jan!

Gem said...

You can't beat a little Sunday reading now can you! I have read all my magazines today too - It's a great way to unwind and soak up some inspiration isn't it.
Thanks for sharing as now I'm feeling a little more summery :D

Gem (EDiS) x

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks for stopping by Igor!