Q + A with Les Arts Plastiques

Tell us a little bit about you. Where did you train or study and what led you to the path you currently are on?
I actually have a science background and I’m currently completing my MSc in Pediatrics. But my arts friends have always called me the pseudo-science student, and my interests have always split down the middle (if you’ll accept the idea of science/art dichotomy). I’ve been making jewelry since I was 10 years old (I used to sell it on the bus) and it’s something I’ve always gone back to. Right after finishing up my undergrad, I spent nearly a month in the hospital because of a 4 month bout of missed appendicitis. Then I was out, graduated, unemployed—and on bed rest. I pulled out my beads and went at it hard to distract myself from the pain and boredom. The rest is history!

What's your main focus currently and/or how would you describe your current design aesthetic?
I’ve always been attracted to rocks in their natural form, and I really appreciate, irregular, hand faceted stones that follow the lines of natural crystal formations. I also love how they’re more affordable, and that’s one of my aims—to create unique, beautiful pieces that don’t blow the bank. I’m fresh out of a few silversmithing classes and so I’m crazy about inexpensive metals like raw brass and copper and pairing them with my rocks!

Love your work - can you explain that design process?
I feel like a kid in a candy store when I look at my rock and bead collection. I always start with the colours, which rocks and beads are a natural pairing, and which metal compliments them best. I sort of just lay everything out and go at it.

What designers/makers/architects, etc do you look up to, are influenced by or inspire you?
Really love DePetra jewelry
And Jeanie Andronyk is a personal favourite

Where else do you pull inspiration from?
I think as a prairie girl, you learn to appreciate the minimalism of our landscape…lots of negative space and openness, but you also crave the exact opposite—over the top, tropical, foreign design, heavy in materials and shapes and colours. It’s how I’d describe my own style too—completely divided between simple and clean and a go-big-or-go-home attitude. And so I’d say both the exotic and the everyday locale and the shapes and colours associated with those are huge inspirations.

Website/Shop: www.lesartsplastiques.ca
Blog: www.desartsplastiques.tumblr.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lesartsplastiques

Jan Halvarson

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Carly said...

Wow, amazing! I love everything but my favourite has to be the rock palette necklace!!