Pink Day

It was a beautiful day of pink, don't you think? Quite possibly my favourite day so far. So many beautiful images, it was actually really hard to pick some out to feature here.  Thanks everyone. Your participation has truly been inspiring! Today's winner goes to @kirstenrickert - congratulations! The beautiful Clare Elsaesser print goes to you! And after visiting your feed, it's seems like the perfect print. And once again, a huge thank you to Clare for donating, so generous of you! Follow Clare online at,,   instagram and at Poppytalk Market Stay tuned for tomorrow's color announcement!







Jan Halvarson


Tara said...

Pink! My favourite colour. I am only catching up on your summer colour days now and loving it.

Unknown said...

ok im behind with the plot! loving your images and now off to find out all about this colours of summer xxxx

Boo21's Mom said...

You made my day!

Paula said...

Pink! I did a post named 'A Pink Moment'. The 26 comments it got show how different people feel about pink. Some Feng Shui professionals explained more about pink, how it is related to us in different life stages and how it is related to creativity. Pink invited love and hate, and above all, much reflection and comments.