Our Summer lookbook is here!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Swooning over the knitted hanging pot holder on the inside cover! I have a terracotta pot and am looking for a holder for it. This one would be perfect.

Thanks Jan!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! It does a great job of expressing the mood of Summer.

Emily said...

This is beautiful! I absolutely love it! The layouts are great.


Unknown said...

gorgeous! Every single page..
Attic Lace

david scheirer said...

Looks awesome!

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

Such beautiful items! Great compilation! I have to say there is something about the photo leaf that draws me in and won't let go!

Unknown said...

as always~ just a lovely collection. Wonderful to see everything as a large image too :)

Thanks for your hard work~

Lady Grey said...

Gorgeous as always!
I am in love with that Married to the Sea painting, and that blue echo pillow is fabulous!
And I wish I had seen that leather iphone case/wallet before father's day.... such a handsome gift!