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I was excited to see Lisa Solomon's new monograph is out. Have you seen it yet? It's in a limited edition of 300. 50 with a letterpress print published by MIEL out of the UK. The book showcases Lisa's work which has always been an inspiration to me and many.  Here is Miel's official blurb:

Hand/Made, a monograph of Bay-area artist Lisa Solomon's mixed-media work, showcases Solomon's attention to the detail and texture of the everyday, and to the feminine as it erupts into that dailyness. Invoking histories both personal and wider, Solomon demonstrates the effect that the smallest things can have. Solomon incorporates thread (alone and as crochet) into drawings and installations, materially bridging craft and fine art, and bringing concerns with domesticity and women's stories to the fore.

The book is available for purchase on their website here. But I'd hurry if you want a copy this summer as Miel closes its doors July 1st for the summer.  (If you want to see more sneak peeks you can visit this pinterest board).

Jan Halvarson

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Pennywise Poundcake said...

Very beautiful and feminine! I love the details.