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The Museum of Vancouver's current exhibit (starts today, June 6th through to January 5th, 2014) features the photography work of Foncie Pulice, Vancouver’s last photographer of post-war street photography. Foncie photographed people as they walked along one of the most busiest intersections in downtown Vancouver. His camera which he donated to the Museum when he retired in 1979, was an assemblage of war surplus metal plate on wheels decorated with a red plastic lightening bolt. Its flash was powered by a car battery and the camera used large reels of movie film so that Foncie could shoot for hours on end.

The exhibition has worked in collaboration with the Knowledge Network, which is producing shorts about Foncie that will be shown in the exhibition, as well as a feature documentary that will premiere later in the year. Those with photo taken by Foncie are encouraged to upload and share via “Foncie’s Corner” on the Knowledge Network site (http://fonciescorner.knowledge.ca). I grabbed a few that caught my eye from there: Above: Photo from the 70s - Is that Dave Grohl's Dad? Love this couple, her purse, coat, turtleneck. His tee, jeans, hand on belt. (Notice he's carrying a stretched canvas)?

Photo from the 30s or 40s. Love that lady's hat and her Boston Terrier!And the beautiful 417 sign in the background.

I think it's sweet to see a man and (his daughter?) like this circa 1938. Beautiful signage.

50s - A mother and daughter shopping. Gloves, hats, um, er, fur...

50s - A group of fun ladies out on the town! Sunglasses, polka dots, large pearls.

The exhibit is curated by Joan Seidl and designed by Resolve Design. More info at museumofvancouver.ca.

Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

I love looking at old photographs! The lady with the polka dot dress is fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while via email and....I adore it. From the beautiful photography, to the "DIY", it is just a feast for the eyes.

Today's post made me homesick for the Pacific NW. Although, I am currently back in Iowa/ USA, I lived in Seattle for 12 years. Foncie Pulice's street photography reminded me of all those lovely visits we made to Vancouver and especially the fantastic "Vibe" on Robson St.



Jan Halvarson said...

Emily - my thoughts were the same - give me that dress!

Mary - aw - hope you'll be able to come back and visit sometime!

Unknown said...

the moments.. they never disappear! great photos!