DIY - Dress Up a Vintage Hat

Hello and Happy Spring! It's Mariah again from Everything Golden, here to share another DIY project.  This month, I dressed up a vintage hat with some hand dyed fabric and feathers.

Here's how you create the fabric band...

What you'll need: 1. Some natural fabric like cotton, silk or wool. 2. Fiber Reactive Procion Dye 3. Salt 4. Soda Ash 5. A needle and thread 6. A small jar

Cut a piece of fabric about 2 inches wide and determine the length by wrapping the fabric around the hat and allow for about 4 inches extra on each side, like so.

Then wash your fabric to prepare for the dye.

How to prepare your dye bath:
Combine 2 tsp dye, 4tbs salt, 2 tsp soda ash and add a very small amount of warm water and stir until you have a paste. Then add about 1 cup warm water. Use rubber gloves and only use utensils designated solely for dying. Do not use your regular kitchen utensils. Finally, cram your piece of fabric into a small jar and pour two or more colors into the jar. Let sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse the fabric until all the dye is gone.

After your fabric is dry, fold it in half lengthwise and press with an iron. Sew two sides then turn inside out and press again. Then wrap around your hat, tie once on the side of the hat and tuck the ends under. Then with a needle and matching thread tack the ends down using an invisible stitch. Pick a feather that matches your mood and walla!

Jan Halvarson

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Emily said...

Such a cute hat!