Business Matters: Where Are You Moving Your RSS Feeds?

With Google Reader soon closing (July 1st/13) there are just a couple of weeks left to save your Google Reader subscribers.  Do you know where you'll be taking yours? Maybe with the end of Google Reader, it's the end of RSS feeds as we see it? For now though, or until that happens, I've been trying out a few for size these past couple of months and wanted to give you a bit of my feedback.

I jumped on the Feedly boat initially when I first heard of this all happening, transferring all of my feeds and at first I really loved the look and organizational tools.  Then I slowly realized it was really dragging my browser down, to a slow annoying level, so I subsequently removed the widget looking for higher ground.

I have since been using iGoogle for the blogs/sites that I read on a daily basis (approx. 40).  I've made it into my home page which basically reminds me of the frontpage of a daily newspaper.  I love this for my first glance happenings.

I use the Pulse app for my mobile/iPad but there is a maximum of how many you can have in your sections, which makes for a similar situation like iGoogle. Not all my feeds that I have collected can be included. Just my currents.

Which leaves me to a one-size fits all?

Recently bloglovin' whom I joined a few years back offered up a super easy solution to import all of your RSS feeds. It's a simple 2-click RSS import (if you're already logged into google), Just first click here: 

Then you'll see a pop up box that looks like this:

And then click on the "Import from Google Reader". The site then basically does the rest!  All of my 300+ feeds are uploaded there and I have been using this for my daily and/or weekly reads (usually when I have a bit more time to catch up) as well as it has a nice app when I'm going mobile.  The upload even kept all my categories intact so I didn't have to redo all of that hard work that I had already created in Google Reader.

So that's it.  What are you using? Where do you think the future of the RSS feeds are going? Maybe ending? With Google Currents or wherever Google can make more money.  Here's a good read about the future of RSS feeds.

Maybe you have something to suggest? Feel free to share!  But in the meantime, that's where I'm parking my RSS feeds.  Also - please leave me your Bloglovin' link in the comments below, so I can add you!  You can follow our feed here: (wherever the wind blows you) we'd be stoked and honoured to be included in your reader! 

And if you're on Bloglovin, you can: Follow Poppytalk on Bloglovin' HERE!

Jan Halvarson


Kim Vallee said...

Just a quick note to mention that iGoogle is scheduled to close November 1, 2013.

I switched to Feedly. Since I don't leave it open, I didn't notice any browser slowdown because of it.

kickpleat said...

I'm waiting for the new Digg reader which should go live shortly...

Unknown said...

I just want to put a hand up for Feedly! They are releasing updates every day and it's much quicker now. I can only speak for Safari though, where currently you have to manually update it.

I like it because it works well for non-graphic feeds too. :)

ArianeK said...

I'm trying out both Bloglovin and The Old Reader (which is like Google Reader pre G+) right now. They're both pretty different. I like Old Reader because it's just like Google Reader, and you can get the full posts (where possible) right in the reader.

My main complaint with Bloglovin is that you always have to click through to see the post, which I find super annoying when I'm kind of skimming. That said, it is more "modern" and does have a lot of nice features (like the integrated "follow" function), and I'm hoping they'll add to them over time.

I'm here:
- (new site coming soon and then new posts!)

Jan Halvarson said...

Kim - oh yes i did hear wind of that - i'll miss it.

Good idea to turn the widget off when not in use. I'll keep that in mind.

Jeannette - that's interesting must check it out!

Aine - good to know, thanks.

Ariane - I agree that is an issue with Bloglovin' -and thanks for your links!

annton said...

I am still not decided too and jump between Feedly & Bloglovin. Haven't heard from The Old Reader so far, but thank you Ariane, I might give it a try.

If you want to find me on Bloglovin,
it'll be:

Anonymous said...

I tried Feedly: the iPhone app is stellar. But I didn't like it on my browser! Bloglovin' makes it so easy. I love the frame option: click on the first post on your feed and then you get the frame that offers the "next, last, oldest" options and the ability to post directly to FB and Twitter from the frame! I'm not as crazy about the app but I do most of my reading from my laptop anyway because I find it much easier to comment that way.

Kirsty said...

I use Netvibes and am very happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I use TheOldReader as well. I tried Feedly but it's just got too many extra features; I don't need the fluff, just the feeds!

Hillary said...

Just to put another option out there, I'm going to be using MnmlRdr! So clean, fresh and exactly what I want and need in my reader!

juni // hej juni said...

I really like bloglovin'! Clean and simple. Here's my bloglovin link

Anonymous said...

I imported my Google Reader blogs easily into the Wordpress Reader and I actually like it better, format wise. I've had no problems and love it.

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

I switched to Bloglovin' mainly because of the ease of transferring my subscriptions. It's interesting to see what others are using. I may have to test drive some of the suggestions.

Lakeshia said...

It didn't occur to me that the Feedly plugin had tanked my browser yesterday; I'll have to remove it. However, I do use it on my iPad and I love it. It makes thumbing through things quick and easy and it has a lot of features for saving posts and sharing via social networks. The interface is very minimal and, in my opinion, the iPad app makes for a great experience.

DB said...

Feebly just announced today that you will no longer need to use the plugin and can access your feeds through the browser at Early reports are saying that it is a little buggy, but hopefully they will fix the issues shortly. They have been making updates and improvements almost everyday.

That being said, I would highly suggest exporting and saving your Google feeds through Google Takeout. This way, if another worthy RSS reader comes along (Digg or someone else), you won't have to recreate everything from scratch. There will be no "import from Google Reader" after July 1st.

Jan Halvarson said...

I'm loving everyone's suggestions and like Meesh will have to test drive some of them.

Thanks DB for the update! Good to know there's a cloud feed for feedly - will def check it out too. And love the idea of the google takeout - that's awesome! Thanks!!!!

Sally said...

+1 for the old reader. I've tried all of the options and this one is fast and really simple to use for former reader users. As already mentioned by others iGoogle is closing in November so I don't recommend getting too attached to it.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Sally - good to know!