Weekend Project | DIY Wooden Beaded Tassel Necklace

Guest post by Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design

Excited to be a guest here on Poppytalk and share with you a fun DIY that will doesn't require any jewelry making skills! I recently saw a beautiful version of this necklace at Anthropologie but it was a little too large for me, so I created a similar DIY that is very simple to make and fun to layer!
Besides the spray paint, I found all of the supplies in the etsy supply section!

Large Faceted Wooden Beads
Medium Wooden Beads
Small Wooden Beads
(size and shape can vary)
Neon leather cord
Tassel, 2-3 inches long
Neon Spray paint

1) Spray paint your tassel the color of your choice and let dry. You may need a few coats. I loved the way the neon looked with the darker beads.
2) Pre-measure your leather cord (make sure its long enough to drape over your head) and string your beads starting with the smallest. Make sure to weave the cord through your tassel half way through.

3) Tie a double knot on either end in between sizes to get more color in your necklace.

Finish by tying your ends with a double knot. Simple, right?

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kari_breitigam said...

very cute and simple : )