The One Where Ava Gets to Go Too

I love dreams, especially meaningful ones, and this is that kind of dream.  All of you know Andrea of Hula Seventy (my blog friend since like forever, past contributor, amazing photographer, wordsmith, colour capturer, dancer, and most of all amazing mother); well she has been asked to speak at a Ted Youth conference in Paris this summer, and her daughter Ava (budding photographer - see photo's above) is going also!  To help fund her part of the trip, Ava is selling some of her own photo's for a limited time in Andrea's etsy shop.  Not only do I love this dream, I LOVE Ava's photo's! She's most definitely picked up on her Mom's photo-taking-magic genes!  So what do you say? Let's help Ava go to Paris with her mom to, as Andrea puts it,  "to connect with kids from a different part of the world, to explore what it means to see the world differently. and then, paris. to experience paris, one of the greatest cities in the world."  Click HERE to purchase one of her photographs, or here for more info.

Jan Halvarson

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heather caroline said...

How sweet, I love this.