Help Covet Garden Home Project

Covet Garden magazine would like publish  Covet Garden Home—a 100+ page half magazine/half book - a version of their online magazine with more additions and features. I've always made it a policy not to post crowd-funding projects on my blog, but this time I'm going to make an exception. Because of a few things. For one, Covet Garden has been giving us "FREE" online magazines for quite sometime now, two - it's Canadian content (so important to support) and three, after watching their video on indiegogo, I find them all so endearing! I just want to sit down and have a coffee with all three of them and talk about decor now. I mean really (maybe that should be one of the perks if you donate). Needless to say, I think we most definitely need to support this and what will I'm sure be a beautiful publication if it goes through. Click here for more info!

Jan Halvarson

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Meg Mitchell said...

Love this magazine. Will definitely be supporting them.