For the love of Chinatown, come to the Night Market!

As mentioned earlier this month Poppytalk will have a Pop-Up shop at the Chinatown Night Market this summer and although the official grand opening is June 1st with all it's pomp and circumstance, the actual market opens tonight and we'll be there rain or shine!

As mentioned on their site, "The Chinatown Night Market is bringing a heady mix of time-honoured tradition and new school flavour to the festivities on Keefer Street this summer! "Along with epic ping-pong tournaments and outdoor classic movie screenings, there will also be a group of us new vendors selling hand-crafted treasures, homemade pie and things like Hainanese chicken!

The Chinatown Night Market will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. starting May 17th through September 8th, rain or shine! It’s located on Keefer Street between Main & Columbia. Vancouver, B.C.  For more info about the market, click here!

Hope to see you there!

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Jan, how often will you, personally, be there? I'm a long time fan of the Chinatown Night Market, and I'm happy to see it's getting a renovation of sorts!

Jan Halvarson said...

Janis - logistically we're still working that out my friend. this is just a soft launch and the official one is june 1st!