Origami Butterflies + A Tea Party for Mother's Day

Contributor post by Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp.

I love a little origami, and I love a little baking...makes for a happy Mom's Day tea party. Ms. Poppytalk herself popped over to my house, to help fold some butterflies and set up for the shoot. I'm definitely going to replicate this for my mom next weekend. So glad I have all these butterflies ;)

Jan, bringing over the marmalade sugar cookie sandwiches to the table

Here's a "how-to" clip of making the butterflies. It's pretty simple, and hard to stop once you start. I scanned in some pretty fabric, to make my origami paper. These butterflies were made with 10 inch squares. How-to clip recorded by Robert Edmonds.

Butterflies were simply taped onto braided ribbon and pinned to wall (left). I didn't have napkins that worked with everything, so I stitched up some scraps of raw cotton, with bright yellow thread.

I wrapped a few small pots of rosemary, origami style, as table decoration and to give away to guests apres party. 

Marmalade sugar cookie sandwiches. Pistachio raspberry cake, lime ricotta muffins. The cute stand that the cookies are on, is from the Cross. All recipes are over at Pinecone Camp - click here to get the recipes.

Do you have plans for mom's big day? Fill us in!

Have a good day!

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Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

beautiful! I especially like the origami butterflies

Emily said...

These are all great ideas! The butterflies are beautiful. I had a friend whose boyfriend made her a mini paper crane for everyday that they were together.


Judy said...

It's very impressive that you made your own paper.. so you scanned fabric and printed out the paper... can I ask what weight of paper you used?? I love origami and making gifts for family and friends is one of my passions....
Many thanks..

kickpleat said...

I'm having a small get together this weekend, maybe I can convince the husband (the paper origami folder lover) to make up a few butterflies as decoration! Love this idea!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Emily - so sweet

Judy - it's regular 20lb paper

Jeannette - they are so fun to make - I'm sure your husband will love making them...

Araya @ WindandWillowHome said...

So simple and sweet. Love this!

Vintage Home said...

Lots of inspiration & tons of yumminess!

Alex said...

I love the butterflies - and I love origami! These are so sweet!

Pinecone Camp said...

Julia, you should give them a whirl! They're so much fun to make.

Emily, I agree with Jan. That's so sweet. What a guy!

Judy, as Jan said it's regular old paper. I can never find the sort of pattern I'm looking for, so scanning fabric works for me! I also love that you can see the texture in it as well.

Jeannette, would love to see your butterflies if you make some. You'll find you won't be able to stop!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to make these :)

PARIS BEE kids blog said...

So pretty!!! I can't wait to make these as well!!! Thanks for sharing!

xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog