Things I Love Thursday

Last Thursday, I posted about starting a "Things I Love Thursday"post every week, inviting readers to join me, (it's a nice way to visit each other's blogs and at the same time perhaps come across new things")! Some of you said last week you'd join along. If you have a new post for this week that you''d like to add to this series, leave a comment below so we can all take a look. I'll then add links here - so we can visit your blog. Here's what caught my eye this week, lots of blacks, browns and white (always a nice combo).

1. David Netto design
2. Boston we love you | Zachary Smith
3. Chocolate Baileys Mud Cake |-Citrus and Candy
4. City Lights |  Sincerely Jules
5.  Christian Laboutin (Madame Minnie Patent Leather) Shoes
6. Focus on What Matters | Molly Jacques Illustration (See also: shop)
7. How to Create Envelope Calligraphy | The Postmans Knock
8. Billykirk Leather Bike Pouch | Walurs
9. Billykirk Flap Card Case | Walrus

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Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Started this week!

Anonymous said...

Started this week!

Unknown said...

First post for 'Things I love Thursday' has gone up!

Emily said...

I made one this week!!!! You can find it at!


Kim O said...

I really like this idea. Here's mine:

kari_breitigam said...

here's mine : )

leah // sang the bird said...

i'd love to join in too

leah // sang the bird said...

p.s loving the blacks and browns. perfect for my australian autumn x

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks everyone! I've updated the post!