Scenes from Got Craft?

Designs by Val

Earl stopped by Got Craft? over the weekend and took a few shots for us. I wasn't able to make it, but thankfully he checked it out and said hi to Andrea and Robert and some of our favourite local makers. The much-loved bi-annual craft show had to do a quick move this week after a fire at their original venue left them unable to hold the show there. Luckily the community came together and Templeton School saved the day and maybe even made the fair a little more community-like. Here's a bit of what he saw.

cabin + cub

Carmen West Creative

Firefly Notes
Sam Bradd held a letterpress workshop
A few of the workshops
The Beautiful Project
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Jan Halvarson


Esani said...

Like the " for you" cards.

Alex said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the eye candy on a dreary Monday morning!

Valerie said...

It was a great spring weekend at Got Craft? So many great vendors, from stationery to jewelry to pottery. Everything came together in the end! Thanks Earl for stopping by our table and for including us in this post!

Gwyneth said...

It was a great craft fair, lots of cool vendors. And you are right Jan, the community spirit was thriving! Congrats to all those who participated. We will definitely be attending next time :)

Bambs said...

Thanks, Jan, for posting photos of got craft?! It definitely was a great weekend. I really love how supportive our community is and how understanding they were of the situation. They still came! Rob and Andrea truly did a great job in making the show always so fun and inviting.

Earl, I'm so sorry I didn't get to speak to you when you took photos of my booth. :-( Thanks so much for stopping by and taking photos of my work! :-)

Bambs x

joanne said...

This was our first Got Craft? and I was so honoured to be included in such a great group of talented makers! Andrea & Rob are amazing, and so thankful to to Earl for the lovely photos of my work, and for Jan for this posting! I have been reading poppytalk faithfully daily for the last few years!! So great!!

cabin + cub said...

Got Craft was so much fun and the turn out was great! Andrea + Rob did a stellar job! Thanks so much for including the lovely snaps of my booth! xoxo valerie

Anonymous said...

It was a great show! I picked up some lovely things and the vendors were so great to chat with. ~M.

Coco Cake Land said...

nice shots, earl! sad to have missed this edition, too!

so much good stuff and so many talented buddies!

kickpleat said...

Got Craft has always been my most favourite show in the city! And even with all the last minute unavoidable hubbub, it went off without a hitch! Next time, Jan! And thanks for Earl for snapping a pic of my 'lil narwhal card :)