Things I Love Thursdays: Pompoms, Flowers and Things

Back in maybe 2006 a group of us used to post about things we loved every Thursday.  It was called "Things I Love Thursdays" (here's the original flickr group hosted by Joy Madison). It was kind of a nice way to visit each other's blogs and see what was inspiring everyone each week - and the original group doesn't seem to be active at the moment (tell me if I'm wrong) but, I'd love to invite anyone who wishes to join in to do the same. Leave a comment (or pop me an email) if you're participating so I can link up to you here. I'd love to see what you are loving. Here's a few things that have inspired me this week. Pretty taupes, mints and pinks, knitted blankets; cozy spring things for a rainy day... (above loving this pompom blanket from lacasadecoto from Morocco - so cozy-looking!) - see more below.

1.  A gorgeous DIY knit blanket
2.  Paper to Petal (book) via Ez Pudewa
3.  Make It: easy shirt and/or dress
4. Cactus Wren Wall Art
5. Maple Porter Chocolate Cake
6. Pink Floral Dishtowel
7.  Pompom Blankets
8.  Smitten Magazine Issue 8
9. Baixa House

I'm guest pinning for Martha Stewart Living this month, click here to follow along if you like.

Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

I think I might start doing something like this! If you don't mind! I really like the idea. =]


Unknown said...

Love this idea! My blog is still in its early stages but I would like to participate. I do a Collection every Tuesday but this week I included some inspirational imagery. I was looking for an excuse to do more inspirational imagery/'things I've been pinning' and this is the perfect reason! Thanks!!! Following you on Bloglovin :)

Judy said...

LOVE those pom pom blankets! I want one in every color! Thanks for the great share, those are definitely going on my WISH LIST!

kari_breitigam said...

I'm in. When I read this post this morning, I got really excited about this idea, and I couldn't wait to get home from work to put mine together.
Here's my first installment:

Jan Halvarson said...

Hey ladies - glad you're in! Maybe I should make a flickr pool?

Margie Oomen said...

it is hanging in my dining area right now and looks so awesome. I hope you manage to snag one of their next collaborations . xo

Farris Jornales said...

I think I want to do something like this for the blog in my photo store. Something like posting a graphic for the Friday Favorite blog entry. Thanks for the idea.

Kate said...

that shade of green for a blanket is perfection!

Kelly @ The Gouda Life said...

Well, shoot! I'm so flattered to be included in your list. Sending a hug from my kitchen to yours!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Starting this week.