Mother's Day Card Round-Up Part 2

Gift Box with Paper Flowers - Frances and Francis
Continuing on my Mother's Day card round-up - the first one (above) isn't really a card, but maybe a fun alternative to one. A Gift Box with Paper Flowers  from Frances and Francis.  See a few more below.

Maple and Belmont
Happy Penguin Press

Banquet Atelier & Workshop

Lily and Val

Quill and Fox

Bubby and Bean

See Part One here.

Jan Halvarson


Trix & Trumpet said...

I love the paper flower gift box; such a creative take for Mother's Day. Being obsessed with stationary products, I am so inspired by the designs here (and in Part 1). Thanks for sharing them....going back to look again (and probably again).


Anonymous said...

I love these cards! They're not the traditional Hallmark ones...these are the best!

heather@grillfusion said...

I love the paper flowers in a box - I am going to get my kids to make one for my mom! Thank you for the inspiration :)

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Oh my...where do I begin! I love stationary and beautifully graphic illustrations. So very pretty. Can I follow this blog? I'm going back for more:)

Melissa at said...

Thank you so much for featuring Bubby and Bean's card!

Lisa said...

oh jeez i absolutely love the quill and fox silhouette card! so elegant. and the frances and francis one is great. don't all moms love cutesy creative things like that?
are you going to do a third mother's day card round up and perhaps include mine? :)

Carmia Cronjé said...

Beautiful cards! I love the last one - the kraft paper is just stunning.