Elle + Ellen

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Just finishing up our lookbook this morning, but thought I'd drop in with a preview from the latest Elle Decor featuring the home of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's California ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains. Did you see it? It's pretty gorgeous. The property hosts a series of cabins which Ellen decorated mixing modern, industrial and country quite brilliantly I think. Who knew she was so obsessed with design, and super talented at it as well!  It all seems effortless, relaxed and inviting, don't you think?  Photography | William Arranowicz for Elle Decor.  See more here.

Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

Wow! It is not exactly my style but I love elements of it! I love how cohesive it is through the house. I wish I could just pick up and move that tree to my house!


sarah nadine said...

obsessively in love with this place!

happy monday :)


Nicolekathrin said...

This is abosultely my style :) Just wondering, how much do you reckon does it cost to get a house makeover like that?


Ă…pent^hus said...

love it
especially the first pic

best wishes
Open^house, Norway