DIY: Paper Garland Mobile/Backdrop

Today we're excited to have Tracy Fillon of the lovely shop Dear Pony join us to share how she made her beautiful Paper Garland Screen/Mobile that she uses as background in some of her product shots from her Spring/Summer '13 collection. Tracy is joining us this month at Poppytalk Handmade, and when I saw her new spring line and product shots, I couldn't wait to feature them.  So I'll let Tracy take over now to explain how she created the backdrop and meet me at the bottom of this post to see her new collection! ~Jan

Paper Garland Tutorial by Tracy Fillon
I made these garlands a couple weeks ago. It was so easy and affordable I have to share. I started out by painting white poster board (more like paper) with a watered down light grey, the original white was a very unnatural stark chaulky white.

Next I screen printed some geometric images in a very very light grey- looks more like a soft white. You can also just hand paint or make some potato stamps to achieve this as well.

Next I cut the paper into strips, then into little triangles.

I sewed them all together leaving long threads at the top end.

I found a pretty old branch in the yard (actually I think this branch is one I found somewhere on the coast and drove it with a few others all the way back home) Any branch or dowel will do! Tie the top ends and voila! A pretty thing you can use as a screen to hide something or turn into a mobile.

Thanks Tracy! Super-easy huh?  I can't wait to make one myself!  Such a great idea for wall art, a photobooth backdrop at a party or a fun mobile too!  Now let's check out a bit of Tracy's summer collection shall we?


Be sure to check out Tracy's shop at Poppytalk Handmade this month or visit her website to find out more about Dear Pony!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

So pretty and pin-worthy! Pinning right now ;)

Meg Sylvia said...

Beautiful. I've been dying to learn to screen print, maybe this will have to be my first project!

Emma said...

oh i love this, thank you!

Lady Grey said...

Oh my goodness these are gorgeous! I've always wanted to learn screen printing as well.... sigh, one day!
That planetarium dress is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You should really give credit to the post/blog that inspired this. You didn't come up with it on your own and blog etiquette should be followed with a link or a mention.

Jan Halvarson said...

Anon - this is a guest post by Dear Pony - and I have never seen anything else like it online or in a magazine. So if you'd like to share with us what you mean, I'm sure we can credit where credit is due. Feel free to email me at Why leave an anonymous comment like this? Doesn't make sense if someone needs to be credited.