DIY - Hand Dyed Shibori Pillows

Hi there! It's Mariah from Everything Golden, here to share another DIY pillow project. Last month I shared how to make landscape pillows printed via Spoonflower. To compliment the landscapes, I've hand dyed some fabric using a relief dye method called Shibori. Here's how you do it...

What you'll need: 1. Any natural fabric such as cotton, silk, hemp, linen or wool. 2. Fiber Reactive Procion Dye 3. Salt 4. Soda ash 5. Triangle blocks 6. Nails 7. Small rope

I recommend you start by dying swatches to help you choose your final color and technique. It also helps to take notes so you can replicate your favorite outcomes in the future.

How to prepare your dye bath:

Combine 2 tsp dye, 4tbs salt, 2 tsp soda ash and add a very small amount of warm water and stir until you have a paste. Then add about 1 cup warm water. Use rubber gloves and only use old kitchen utensils designated solely for dying.

Instructions for Triangular Folding:

1. Wash your fabric
2. Fold the length of fabric into four and press with an iron. Fold back the corner 45 degrees. Spray the fabric and iron again. Continue folding back and forth concertina-wise until you have a neat triangular pile of fabric.
3. Cut two triangles out of wood, about 4" on each side(this could be bigger or smaller depending on how large you want your pattern to be.) Then, hammer a nail on each side.
4. Clamp down your folded fabric by tightly tying rope around the nails.

5. Dip each side of the triangle into the dye, the deeper you dip the smaller the triangle pattern will be.
6. Undo the clamp, rinse and hang to dry.

Instructions for Spiderweb Binding:
1. Wash your fabric
2. Pinch areas of the fabric and tie with your rope
3. Submerge your fabric in the dye and let sit for a few minutes
4. Remove rope, rinse and hang to dry

That's it! Now you can express your truly individual style in your home!

Visit Mariah Golden Palmer at her blog, Everything Golden.

Jan Halvarson


Coco Cake Land said...

So cool! Love your little sketchbook with the dying swatches too!

Jan Halvarson said...

So odd you're the only one commenting - thanks Lyndsay - I felt the same way - I love this DIY.

Unknown said...

Beautiful patterns! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna write the same thing that Lyndsay wrote! Haha... this is an excellent tutorial. Thanks! ~M.

Yvonne said...

This is awesome! Does not only helpf with pillows, but can also be used for shirts or pants! Thank you, was looking for something like this to finally redo my pants ;).