Cakes, Garlands and Other Flowery Tales

Every once in a while I long for a a pretty piece of cake, a surprise garland or a flowery turntable don't you? Here's a few I've come across this week.

1. A pretty rosebud iced cake | Toshiko Uchino
2. Created by @annariflebond and @emersinmerrick
3. Jasmine Cake for Mother's Day / Yue Cheong
4. Fishs Eddy - House Of Brinson 
5. DIY | Repurposed Plant Stand End Table | Smile and Wave
6. Floral Portable Turntable
7. JIKITS Blonde Twig Kid's Mobile
8. Felt Garland | A Subtle Revelry
9.Flower Garland | Oh Joy

This month I'm pinning things like this for Martha Stewart Living. Click here to see more if you like.

Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

That turn table is fabulous!!! I love it.


Anonymous said...

The himmeli is a knock off of a piece called Twigeli by artist Kim Baise. I noticed hers on The Joinery NYC's website and they're beautiful. The JIKITS version looks like a computer generated image.

Toya said...

Do you using fresh flower or just imitate? I love to knew that and which one is better to use?

Emily @ The Em Dash said...

Good picks! The garlands and the plant stand are my faves.

I'm so happy garlands are back in style. They can make anything look happy. :-)

Thomas said...

I love that turning table!! :) Keep up the good work

Sukey said...

I love the floral trend and your finds are so unique. Love the suitcase!