Obakki // Preserved in Time

Obakki // Preserved in Time from Brian Ceci on Vimeo.

My nephew Brian went back to South Sudan last month with the Obakki Foundation to film another segment to help bring awareness to their cause which is to help the South Sudanese get more water for their people and their cattle. Their story is rich in culture, and the youth's lives are threatened by lack of water (but not for the reason you think).

Also you may remember their red scarf campaign at Christmas - and they are nearing their goal to building a new well. Click here for more information on how by just buying a beautiful scarf (they only need to sell 500), a new well will be built for the people. 

Click on the film to hear their story, and for more information on this amazing cause, visit obakki.com.

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

That is such a beautiful clip. Brian amazes me. Obakki is pretty incredible too.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks for commenting Janis - I know he does such beautiful work doesn't he?

Alicia said...

Treana Peake is really inspiring, I saw her talk at creative mornings a few months ago. You should watch the video on vimeo!