NEW Carve-A-Stamp Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop

Christine from Yellow Owl Workshop has just put the finishing touches on a really exciting new Carve-A-Stamp Kit that I can't wait to share with you! This ultimate printing DIY kit contains everything you need to carve and print your own custom rubber stamps; easy to follow instructions, 25 original templates, a carve-a-stamp block with two sides for carving, a carving tool with multiple blades, a muslin keepsake bag, and a red all purpose ink pad for printing on paper, fabric and more!

Christine also put together a little stop-motion video (see below) that teaches how to make one of the stamps too! Looks so easy –can't wait to get one!

Carve-A-Stamp from Yellow Owl Workshop on Vimeo.

The kit is $28 and available from the Yellow Owl Workshop website here.

Jan Halvarson


heather@grillfusion said...

Thanks for sharing this Jan, this looks like a lot of fun, I know that my middle son would really enjoy this.

Mackenzie said...

That's awesome! I haven't done any linoleum carving since middle school but I've been really meaning to try it again :)


Melyssa said...

Love this! And I totally dig the stop motion vid that accompanied it.Very cute and makes it look very easy to do!


Mandell said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE working with linoleum block! I grew up designing tamps for our Cheitmas cards each year with my mom. They are so special and so fun to make! We generally roll paint on our blocks and I love the 3d look the paint gives.

Going to have to check this set out, what a perfect idea!

Unknown said...

I can't decide which I like better, the kit or the adorable stop motion video:)

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun!