Making It Work with Phonto

Contributor post by Meighan O'Toole

Last week I wrote about Over, a beautiful app that adds font to your images for the iOS (iPhone and iPad). But sadly it's not available for Android users (Over's creator says once they grow more -- maybe). I said I'd be back this week with an app that can do the trick for you. Here I am!

There are actually a lot of photo font apps on Android, but they're all kind of whack. They're buggy. Or they squash your picture. Or they crash. And believe me, I know! I tested a ton to make sure I bring you guys an app that can take the place of Over.

The good news is, I found one and it's free. It's called Phonto (iPhone users it's also available to you too. You guys get all the breaks!).

OK now the bad news. The variety of fonts are not anywhere near as cool as Over. But there are some styles that are cool. A few of them I loved and are very fun: ChunkFive, Codystar-Regular (hello, dots!), NemoyMedium, and Ostrich-Bold just to name a few. I've used all of them, and more within this post.

The ease of use is also not as easy - meaning it's not as pretty to look at, use, create with. So that's a bummer.

BUT it's the easiest app I've found on Android. Plus, I really like what I was able to make with it. So it's not all bad.

Oh and there's more good news, Phonto actually offers more colors, and with the option to make your own! So that's pretty sweet. You can also add different words, with different colors, and different fonts all in one go. You are not able to do that with Over in one sitting (at least not that I was able to replicate -- if I am wrong, please let me know.)

If I had not used Over, I would be totally happy with this app. But I have used Over, and I see how beautiful the potential is. But Phonto is free, and I think it does the trick. I'll let you be the judge.

Do you use other photo font apps? Or other apps that help you with your creative endeavors in social media? Tell me about them!

Meighan O'Toole is a Social Media & Digital Strategist that lives in Oakland, CA. She helps small brands and creative individuals define their voice online through social media. Follow her: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

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Joel Silverman said...

Seeing the sea is so amazing and nice slide show you provide here. Really awesome and many handicraft collection for us.

Unknown said...

I'm looovin the Adornment font, definitely will have to check out this app!

- Rachael

shonatiger said...

I like that you can add your own fonts, change transparency, change font background etc. Def the best font app I've used on Android.

Ellen said...

I love using "Pixlr express" on my android. You can't use fonts, but there are many filters, many borders, many overlays and you can even do some adjustment on your photos (crop them, do some color splashing, fix red eyes, blur certain areas)... It is my absolutely favourite app for photos.

But of course I'll try out Phonto :-) Thanks for sharing!

meighan said...

Glad you all are liking this app. I think Phonto does a decent job!

Ellen, I have Pixlr Express on my phone, it's a great app. But I didn't include it here because I wanted to include an app that mirrors strictly what Over does. But it is an awesome app for everything that you mention -- thanks for adding it here it for those who may not own it!

Anonymous said...

I've used Phonto on my iPhone before for quite a while and ever since I switched to Over I've noticed such a difference in the quality of my images. I find Phonto, no matter what I do, always makes ugly photographs! I don't know if it's their processing engine or compression but the quality is just awful.

meighan said...

Hi Zach,

I do agree that Over does such an incredible job, but sadly for Android users we don't have another option -- plus it's free. It's true Phonto can tend to pixelate the font a bit. But we've got to make due til developers begin to realize that Android is actually the number one operating system in the world. Such an odd bubble we're in! Thanks for your comment!

Claire Warner said...

Wow, this is a great app and so easy to use compared to ones I've previously used.
I downloaded the app yesterday and can't stop using it!
Phonto is fab :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I ask how you did the borders in your photo "I left my heart in SF"? Thank you!

Much love for your site!! :-)

meighan said...

Hi there! The borders were done with a camera app...but I can't remember which one! Many camera apps come with different borders...Check out Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express, PicsArt, and Snapseed...I don't think that exact border is in those apps but you might find something similar! Good luck.